Payroll outsourcing in Vietnam

Starting at 120.000 VND PER EMPLOYEE

payroll and payslip in Vietnam

Why payroll outsourcing?

Comply with Vietnamese legislation

Vietnamese legislation is updated on frequent basis. Outsourcing the payroll responsibilites to experienced provider will ensure that your payroll computation and payslips are correct and up-to-date with Vietnamese legal requirements.

Save the costs and time

Payroll outsourcing starts from 120.000 per employee. On the other hand, maintaining an in-house team of HR and payroll experts is as reliable, but moch more cost and time demanding solution.

Keep the payroll confidential

Outsourcing the payroll to the 3rd party will ensure confidentiality. Distribution of the payslips is handled descretely with the biggest emphasis on keeping the information and computations confidential.

Reports to government ready on time

Payroll outsourcing also includes preparation of regular quarterly reports about your employees to the Vietnamese government.

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