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An employee spends approximately 21% of his time working on boring, administrative tasks, which are not bringing value to the business. The new version of ERP system Odoo – Odoo 12 – brings several functionalities and improves the old ones to save your time and time of your employees.

With every new version of the system, Odoo introduces a new app to cover more and more business processes of your company. This time, in order to raise the productivity of your employees, Odoo 12 brought 2 completely new apps – Document management and IoT (Internet of Things).

For the first time, Odoo is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn behavioral patterns of users to ease their work and save time. Apps known from previous Odoo versions like Accounting, Website builder, Sales, CRM, Inventory, and Manufacturing underwent both smaller and bigger changes and improvements in order to raise the user-friendliness and usability.

Let’s discover what is new in Odoo 12!

Document management system (Odoo Documents)

In every company, there is a lost invoice, bill or another document from time to time. Someone forgets to scan it or send it to the accounting department and paper hunt can start. Human errors happen in every company and it is difficult to get rid of them completely. It is not that difficult to reduce them though when you store all your documents online and integrate them with your business processes. Odoo 12 brought a very useful feature called Odoo Documents, which allows you to upload, store, sort out and easily access your documents. Then you can assign next activities to your employees and colleagues, based on the type of document.

Imagine a vendor sends you an invoice as a .pdf document by e-mail. Odoo automatically detects it and uploads into the system. Then you can create a vendor bill with one click directly in Odoo. You just validate the data and the vendor bill is created! You save minutes of time with every single invoice you get. The bigger your company is, the more time you can save – this calculator will show you how much time you can save in your company.

Internet of Things (Odoo IoT)

The Internet of Things (the network of multiple physical devices, which communicate together) has been experiencing a huge interest of users in past years. You probably saw, experienced or read about smart homes and cars – and Odoo is now bringing an easy solution for smart companies too!

Automating your business processes with Odoo IoT is very simple now! You can connect your printer, camera, measuring device, barcode scanner, and others to IoT box and make these devices part of your business processes. Ensure, that the device you want to connect has the right connectivity – USB, Bluetooth, HDMI or Wi-Fi – and integrate it into your network in a few minutes.

IoT is a big helper for manufacturing companies since it is possible to integrate and automate your manufacturing process, as well as to easily add automated quality control points (it can be a camera, scale, barcode scanner or any other device with the right connectivity). The usability of Odoo IoT is much broader than just manufacturing – discover its functionalities in the video from Odoo Experience 2018 (an annual Odoo conference).

Old apps in the new coat

Even though Odoo introduced 2 completely new apps this year, the Belgian headquarters did not forget to tweak the older ones. Odoo Studio, Manufacturing, Accounting, Website, and few others have a whole bunch of new features and functionalities, which are making the life of users much easier and much more convenient.
There are dozens of new features, but in this article, we will focus mainly on the new features in marketing apps.

Marketing – Website, E-mail Marketing, Events, E-commerce

Odoo 12 did a huge step forward with the website module. Many marketers were pleased to hear that Odoo 12 will support multiple websites. Adding the multi-website feature is very helpful for businesses, who want to have different websites for different countríes (not just multilingual), or also for businesses, which serve both B2C and B2B markets.

Second huge improvement, which will make every marketer happy, is the ability to customize your website template according to your branding. Possibility to select your brand colors (primary, secondary, menu, footer), layout and fonts made Odoo website builder a competitive tool to Cornerstone and Visual Composer for WordPress and Wix, although Odoo is easier to use when it comes to contact forms, integration with CRM, e-mail marketing tools and e-commerce. You do not need to install any plugins nor connectors – Odoo have all the necessary features ready to be used now!
With Odoo 12, you can build a stunning website, even if you never created one before!

Small improvements were done in the complementary module – Events. The basic landing pages with an event (which disappear themselves afterward, so you can be sure you will not forget to unpublish them) and event registrations were available in Odoo since 2012.
In the latest version, the cohort view has been added. It allows you to efficiently track and compare registrations for your current event with your previous event.

And since social buzz can boost every event, Odoo introduced the Twitter wall, which displays the tweets about a specific topic in real-time and makes your physical events interactive and supports the strength of your brand.

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Last, but not least, is the improvement of e-mail marketing. Before, Odoo was handling just the simple e-mail newsletters. Now, the new performance tracking functions allow you to know, how do people from various sources behave on your website, thanks to the new functions UTM parameters. Odoo 12, in general, focuses on gathering more behavioral data (about your website visitors, readers of your e-mails and users) in order to raise the revenue by understanding your clients and to cut your cost on inefficient processes.

The efficiency of your work

Based on feedback from the users, Odoo performed huge improvements with navigating the system and filtering the data. From now on, you can control Odoo using the keyboard shortcuts (press Alt and you will see the whole list, which applies for the page you are at).

Users of Windows will appreciate the similar search function as there is since Windows 8 – whenever you are in the Odoo dashboard, start typing name of the menu field you would like access and just hit enter.

Are you thinking about implementing Odoo 12? Contact us and we will discuss with you the possibilities and your specific business case. Our team of consultants and technical leads already helped several clients to start using the newest version of Odoo, both in Enterprise and Community editions.

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