Why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system)?

Streamline your business processes

Keep your business simple through standardized processes and let your employees do their job efficiently.

Just 1 system for the whole company

Use Odoo for your entire business. Why use 5 systems or 50 Excel sheets when you can have all in 1 place?

Save your time & time of your employees

Save time on communication. ERP lets your employees to see exactly what and when needs to be done.

See your data anytime from anywhere

Open your browser and use ERP whenever and wherever you like. All your reports are just a few clicks away.
ERP system Odoo - PC, laptop, mobile

Why Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source all-in-one management system (ERP system), which helped many companies in Vietnam to save valuable time and grow.


High customizablity - Odoo can be customized for the specific needs of your business

Cloud-based solution - you need only internet & browser to acces your data in Odoo

Low investment - Typical budget for Odoo & its implementation is way lower than other ERP solutions.

Case study with Odoo

Port Cities implemented Odoo ERP for a middle-sized importer of western food products, who distributes food products & restaurant equipment in Vietnam. All operations of our client were handled in Microsoft Excel. Monthly revenue of the client is 300 000 USD with the profit of 16 000 USD per month


There were 4 biggest struggles our client was dealing with:

- 20 % of all deliveries are wrong
- management spends 80 % of their time doing operations
- 15 % of all food inventory is not being sold
- 40% of all deliveries are wrong due to missing inventory


Port Cities designed solution using ERP system Odoo 11:

- purchases
- inventory
- sales
- accounting & invoicing
- reporting & control

Budget for this solution was
15 000 USD.


After 4 months:

- 95 % of deliveries and orders are correct
- management spends just 40 % of time doing operations
- just 5 % of all food inventory is not being sold

The monthly profit of our client raised to 28 000 USD.

Odoo for your company?

Let's meet and discuss how can Odoo help your company.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ERP system Odoo