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vojtech krotky

Vojtech Krotky

He always liked to travel, discover and understand how different people, systems and organizations work. He particularly enjoys using this knowledge for helping other businesses to get one step ahead of their competitors.

jakub smolka

Jakub Smolka

Ever since he played his first PC games, computers were his passion. Now he enjoys helping other people with implementation & training on how to use IT systems and tools properly to make their businesses grow efficiently & sustainably.

Ivana Bartonkova

Ivana Bartonkova

Ivana has always been curious about the newest trends in marketing & digital world. She has got experience in non-profit as well as in commercial sector. Now she looks for ways how to help companies grow with smart sales & marketing tools.

vojtech krotky


By the time of graduation from the University of Göttingen, Long has already acquired work experience and profound understandings in different fields. He speaks Vietnamese, German, English and Czech.

jakub smolka


Chi Thien has extensive experience and overview businesses and non-governmental organizations of various sizes, which allow him to support and better consult different businesses. He graduated from University of Economics in HCMC.