8 tips how social listening can help your business grow

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Online marketing as an industry evolved dramatically during the last few years. Online communication is not only about presenting your products & ideas, it is about reacting and adjusting your style based on your audience. Social listening helps you to understand it better, analyze big data & update your online strategy to boost your sales. Check these 8 tips how you can grow your business with social listening tools!

Discover where your market is

Are you entering a new market, or struggling to penetrate your current one?

Then social listening can be the right choice for you to discover, where your market is. It allows you to understand what topics are being discussed all over the internet, where & when do the people discuss them and whether in positive or negative connotations.

The social listening tool prepares for you structured charts to sum up the results, but in case you want to understand the topics even deeper, you can see every mention someone wrote about the keywords & topics you are monitoring.

gender and sources analysis shopee

Audit the image of your brand

In order to improve your marketing communication, you need to know how is your audience perceiving your brand & products. Collecting mentions & preparing advanced reports & statistics can help you reveal, what are you good at and where are the spaces for your improvement. A powerful tool – sentiment analysis, will also analyze, whether your audience is speaking about you in positive or negative connotations.

Another useful gadget for auditing your brand & product is keyword cloud. It showcases what are the most frequent keywords used together with your brand and product.

keyword cloud shopee world of warcraft

Analyze your competition

Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one.

Knowing your competition, their products, services, strong sides and weaknesses is helping you to stay one step ahead of them. Are they using some channel which works well in your industry? Are they having good external communication? Did they start selling a new product, which has become very popular? Are you planning to enter a new market and you would like to know, who are the main competitors? All these questions can be answered within a few minutes using SentiOne. It detects billions of mentions in Vietnamese, English, French and more than 20 other languages.

You can analyze and compare many metrics. Here we are bringing 2 examples of brand comparison of 2 popular fizzy drinks here in Vietnam – Coca Cola & Pepsi.

coca cola pepsi share of voice mentions in time

Improve your products

Getting an instant feedback from your (potential) clients can help you discover your product flaws, spaces for improvement, as well as popular features.

One interesting use case from Europe speaks about a manufacturing company, which produces domestic appliances. The company used social listening for monitoring discussions about their new product – brand new model of coffee machine. The product got a very nice sales results on several European markets, although there were 2 countries, where this product did not succeed. Our client listened to discussions happening online and discovered, that customers in these specific countries did not liked the color of the supply cable (red and blue). The client started to produce coffee machines with black cables, especially for the 2 countries and the sales results raised significantly within upcoming weeks.

Monitoring online discussions on social media, blogs, discussion forums and other platforms is a very useful source of information for the future development of your products.

Crisis Management – Avoid the image crisis

Brand & image crisis is the nightmare of every PR person. It usually spreads around in high speed, people are sharing it, new comments are popping up and they are creating a snowball effect.

Apart from well-handled communication (thanks to powerful AI, SentiOne can also pre-prepare your reactions), the reaction speed is the most crucial aspect in handling any crisis well.
Monitoring your own social media is manageable, but how to know what is happening in blogs and social profiles of different organizations?

SentiOne has a great system of alerts – whenever some new public discussion pops-up, you will get an email/mobile notification, that there is an issue which requires your attention.

Imagine the situation, that you own a chain of grocery stores – place, where your clients buy meat and vegetables. Customer published a picture of product, which is already expired/rotten/moldy. You get notification within a few minutes, which allows you to solve the situation promptly with the customer, and also prevent the snowball effect with other negative reactions.

Identify the influencers

Influencer marketing is a popular form of marketing, which has been disruptively growing recently. Opposite from traditional marketing methods, it focuses on promoting products, services and brand through posts of influential individuals. Those are usually people with high amount of followers on their social media profiles, channels or personal blogs. A lot of influencers nowadays are not only public figures (politicians, actors, sportsmen, …), but also people, who build their fanbase based on their on-line content (travellers, gamers, parents, …).

Many B2C and B2B companies worldwide manage to come up with interesting ideas to promote their products and services using channels of various influencers. Check how such campaigns can look like in an example of the most influential alaskan malamute on Instagram 😉

loki instagram influencer dog mercedes

For a company, it is always crucial to identify and select an influencer, who is connected with its sector. Social listening tool SentiOne identifies the opinion leaders which are publishing popular content for your industry and assesses their reach thanks to influencer score.

Optimize the time of publishing your content

What are the times when your audience discusses topics you are interested in? It varies for every product and industry. Each target group is online in slightly different times and days.

world of warcraft vinmart hour histogram sentione


Publishing your content and joining relevant online discussions in peak times can help you to make more efficient campaigns with higher reach and engagement.

Identify & get in touch with new clients

Some businesses already mastered creative ways of how to manage to get relevant leads through social listening.
Here is an exmple of online lead generation thanks to SentiOne:


Lately, real-estate trading moved to social media and independent. Agencies now need to look for properties much harder, since the owners usually try to sell their property just by themselves. Social listening tool can make an alert for an agency anytime someone mentions, that he is selling, buying or renting a flat in online discussion. An agent can then contact the person and negotiate to market through his real estate agency.

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There are many ways how you can use your social listening tool – your only border is your creativity. Try to set your first project in SentiOne for free and start reaping benefits of social listening! If you do not know how, just let us know and we in Port Cities can help you with that.

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