4 tips on how to save time using Gmail

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Do you want to raise your personal efficiency? Check these 4 useful tips on how to save up to 2 hours a week by having Gmail do what you have been doing manually.
A lot of people with an office job spends dozens of minutes up to hours every day writing and answering emails. We want to show you a few tricks on how to manage your mailbox much faster and how to save your valuable time.

Unsend the email you already sent


From time to time, it happens to everyone that we forget to add an attachment or send an unfinished email to a client. Usually, you realize it right after it happens and Gmail has a solution for us! You can “undo send” up to 30 seconds from the time you sent your email.

To enable this function, you need to hit the icon of a gear in the upper right corner, then choose settings and make sure you are in the tab called general. Find Undo send, enable this function and set the cancellation period. We recommend you to set it for 30 seconds. Do not forget to save your new settings.

After sending every email, an option “undo will appear at the top of your screen. If you do not want to undo it, just ignore the message.


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Prepare your responses and email templates in advance


If you are using email templates, either for sales, internal communication or for any other purpose, you will love this feature. Gmail allows you to prepare so-called “Canned responses”, which help you to make your time spent in operations significantly shorter.

To enable this function, you need to hit the icon of a gear in the upper right corner, then choose settings and switch to the tab labs. Enable canned responses and save your settings.

Prepare a canned response


Start drafting your new template as if you were writing a new email to someone. Then instead of sending this email, click on more options (small arrow in the bottom right corner), choose canned responses and select option save – the new canned response.


Port Cities - Gmail canned response create

Insert a canned response


When you want to insert your new template to an email, click on more options, choose canned responses and select option Insert – name of your template.


Port Cities - Gmail canned response insert

Sort out your emails with labels and automatic filters


If you are receiving a lot of emails every day, you will for sure appreciate a function called labeling. Labels are actually folders and you can tag and sort your emails by topic, recipient, sender, keywords or other criteria you prefer. 


Port Cities - Gmail labels

You can also automate this process by creating filters, which sort all of your emails automatically. You can even sort out your historical emails, so don’t be afraid to use filters to order your inbox retrospectively. When you click on the arrow in the search field (show search options) and you set your criteria, click on create a filter with this search in the bottom right corner of this window. Then check the option apply the label and either create a new label or pick an existing one. If you check the option also apply this filter to matching conversations, this filter will create a label for all the emails you received in the past, which fill these criteria.


Port Cities - Gmail automatic filters

Set automatic out-of-office responses


If you are leaving for holidays or a business trip, it is always good to notify people that your reply might take a bit longer than usual. In this case, it is very handy to use Gmail automatic out-of-office responses, which will notify all the people who send you an email during your holidays.

You will find it in settings, tab general as the last item in the list. You can edit and customize your message. It will be sent to all people, who contact you in a chosen time period as an automatic response. As always, do not forget to save your new settings.

Port Cities - Gmail out of office


Now, it is your turn to start saving time while you work with your mailbox. If you want to discover more Gmail features and customize your mailbox even more, I recommend you to explore the tab Labs (laboratories) in settings. There you can find “experimental”, time-saving features which can make your Gmail life even easier.

Let us know in the comments whether these tips helped you or what other functions of Gmail you are using to save your time.


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